10 Hairstyles To Wear With Your Scrunchies

Alice Nguyen | 03 August, 2022

            Girl with long braided hairstyle

You didn't travel back in time. Scrunchies are really back!

We've seen them everywhere, on runways, appearing on photoshoots and front covers of fashion magazines, on social media worn by celebrities and influencers. Scrunchies are marking their way up to the fashion trend once again. This timeless classic and chic hair accessory gives us a daily dose of nostalgia! 

A scrunchie is a fabric-covered elastic band. It became famous during the late 80s to 90s and was rocked by many icons like Madonna. Now, it seems like it's on the rise again as fashion models and numerous celebrities have been seen slaying some chic looks and hairstyles with scrunchies. 

Little girls in the late 80s missing this hair staple can now wear it as grown women in their office attire, on night outs or on any occasion. Plus, scrunchies are very easy to style and available in different colours, designs, and fabric materials like silk and satin and in oversized or minis.

Whether you have long hair or short, curly or straight, scrunchies can be your best friend! Let's discover different trendy hairstyles you can rock with your scrunchie! 

1. The Ponytail

Let's start with the basics!

You can never go wrong with this classic hairstyle you can sport with your scrunchies. Ponytails are both retro and modern in one. You can go with a messy look that can go with your fresh and casual outfits or sleek, put-together ponytails for a more clean, sophisticated look, perfect for a day at the office. Pair it with our mini scrunchies or oversized scrunchies.

2. The Half-Pony

High or low, you choose!

Half-ponies are another retro-chic style. It can be worn with your scrunchie high and tight, or messy, loose, or low. This best flaunts the length and waves of your hair. You can slay this look for any occasion — formal or just another picnic day.

3. The Bun

On the go!

Buns are every busy gals' signature look. Whether you have zoom meetings, are running errands, or hitting the gym, you can wear your scrunchies and put your hair up in a bun. You can style it in a messy and effortless look or have it tightly finished.

4. The Braided

Level up your hairstyles!

If your ponytails are too dull, maybe you need some little twists and turns. Have your hair braided in a wide variety of combinations and secure it with a scrunchie. The braid can fall behind or on your shoulders, creating a fun new look to level up your plain ponytails. 

5. The Pigtails

Two is better!

Part your hair into two sections, low or high, and tie each with a scrunchie. You can wear this on a day-to-day basis and sport a youthful look. This is another fun and playful scrunchie hairstyle for you.

6. The Bubbles

The more, the merrier!

If you want to use all of your scrunchies in one look, this might be for you. For those with long hair, this is a great way to use your scrunchie collection and tie it all throughout your ponytail. For the bubble look, gently pull each section at the side to make your hair spread between each scrunchie.

7. The Stacked Curls

Small but terrible… and adorable!

Scrunchies come in different sizes, and the mini ones make for great versatility when creating hairstyles. You can layer your hair in a top bun or ponytail and use multiple mini scrunchies. Stack and flaunt your amazing curls!

8. The Multi Twist 

Plot twists aren't just for books and movies!

This hairstyle is suitable for short or mid-length hair. Use your scrunchie to tie your hair up into a ponytail and a second scrunchie to create another tied-up look. Once done, align the scrunchies and make a twist and tuck it in to secure. 

9. The Combination

Combos are fascinating!

Upgrade your hair game by combining braids and buns. Part your hair into three equal sections and create a simple braid. When the braid is done, secure the tip with an elastic tie. Wrap the length of the braid around its base to form a bun and secure it with a scrunchie.

10. The Giant Scrunchie 

Be bold!

Make a statement with an oversized scrunchie and sport multiple hairstyles. Your ponytail, braids, and buns will be even more fun and eye-catching with bigger and bolder scrunchies. 


Scrunchies are more than just your typical hair ties. Style your scrunchies collection in many ways and hop on the retro and modern trends rolled into one. Top off every outfit and hairstyles with matching scrunchies with NALZO!