10 Pet Insurance in Australia

Alice Nguyen | 25 August, 2022

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If your pet is involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness, your first reaction would be taking them to the vet, right away! That’s when you realise how these bills can quickly add up and run to a thousand dollars. Yikes!

Looking all worried, you check out your bank account, and it almost hits zero—bad news over bad news. Well, we gotta do what we gotta do for our fur babies. But, you don't have to get anxious at all if you have planned out everything before, like getting pet insurance.

Nowadays, pet owners avail of pet insurance should anything unexpected happen. This will give you peace of mind and time to focus more on your pet's healing rather than quietly sitting at the corner of the clinic, looking like a dirty crying mess while thinking about the cost.

Looking for one? Here are 10 Pet Insurance providers you can check out.



RSPCA Insurance offers 4 levels of covers to choose from; General, Economy, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus. Their pet insurance plans can cover up to 80% of the cost of eligible bills to any registered vet clinics and hospitals in Australia, with no excess to pay. 

Plus, your one-year worth of premium can help support other animals in need. You can visit their website for more information and get a quote. 

2. Medibank

Ultimate pet care!

In Medibank, you can get 16% off your first year. They have three plan options to cover specified accidental injuries and illnesses, optional routine and preventative treatments, and even cancer treatments. 

Conveniently, you can pick any vet to treat your pet, and they also offer multiple discounts. Visit their page and get a quote online. 

3. Woolworths

Get your woollies worth!

Protect you and your fur babies with Woolworths pet insurance. They've got multi-level covers to choose from — basic to comprehensive plus care. You can choose the right level by looking at their comparison table. We lovin' the variety!

If you're already a patron, you have free access to Vetassist where you can get an online consultation with a licensed vet. They also introduce GapOnly, which can review and calculate your claims at the vet. Techy!

Get your pets protected while also supporting PetRescue!

4. Pet Insurance Australia

Best known in the industry!

Pet Insurance Australia has a broad range of cover options, including pet essentials and comprehensive and major medical covers. While you can pick your policy option, you'll be free to select how much of your vet bills you want to be covered — 80% or 90%. Only a few let people do this.

With multiple discounts, you can get two months free by signing up today!

5. Coles

A name we all know, especially avid shoppers!

More than just groceries, they've branched out to the insurance industry to provide Aussies with — among many other things — a selection of insurance policies, even for pets. You can actually get 100% reimbursement on eligible vet bills. Cool!

Visit their website and choose the right cover for your pet!

6. Petsy

Loved by many!

Powered by Aussies pet owners, Petsy is one of the only insurers to offer 90% back and a $25,000 benefit limit with no annual excess. They take pride in providing comprehensible pet insurance and customisable cover options. 

Protect who you love coming home to. Get pet insurance with Pesty!

7. Budget Direct

Indeed, budget direct!

Aside from its cheap pet insurance, what makes them unique is that they cover all orthopedic conditions, including ones not covered by other insurers. They can reimburse up to 80% of eligible vet bills. 

You can also enjoy 15% off your premiums when you sign up online! You can visit their page for more information. 

8. Kogan

Only the best for your pet — and you, while shopping online!

Kogan is a famous online shopping platform. Being in the business for so long, they finally have their insurance line up which covers almost everything, including pets. 

They offer three levels of cover policies that guarantee 80% back on eligible vet bills. You can also get your first month free by signing up today. Plus, $10 off every month!

Straightforward claims and low cost!

9. PetSecure

Established and well-known in the game!

PetSecure is one of Australia’s most experienced insurance providers. They focus on more simplified offerings for accidental injuries and illnesses. You can choose 75% or 85% back on eligible vet bills. 

They also cover chronic conditions and optional wellness care add-ons. Well-played!

10. Bow Wow Meow

Insurance that loves your pet, too!

Bow Wow Meow started by providing personalised pet tags in 1995 that can be clipped onto NALZO's dog collar or dog harness and expanded to the insurance industry in 2008. Customers can get up to 80% reimbursement, with options to change benefit limits. No excess, too.

Wow, Paw-fect!

Responsible pet ownership means taking care of our pets' health and living needs.  With pet insurance, you can give your fur babies the best care without worrying about vet bills. At NALZO, more than style, we want you and your fur babies to be well-protected while wearing our stylish dog harness and other dog accessories.