20 Top Female Dog Names In Australia 2022

Alice Nguyen | 01 September, 2022

            Cavoodle puppy wearing a NALZO mama's girl bow tie

Congratulations, it's a girl!

Welcoming a new pup into the family is exciting. And one of the fun things to do beside spoiling them with dog harnessesdog collarsdog leadsdog bow tiesdog bandanas and other dog accessories  is deciding on the perfect name. 

You want to choose something that fits your dog's personality or a name that's cute and funny, or something that's easy to say. Choosing a name needs some serious deliberation. After all, it's the same name you'll be calling her for the years to come. 

Well, like baby names, female dog names follow trends. They're now named after famous celebrities, tv shows, movies and even designer items. Certain themes are also followed nowadays — nature-themed, food and drink-themed, and others.

If you simply can't find a perfect name for your newest pup, no worries! Here are the 20 female dog names that topped the charts in Australia for 2022:

1. Bella

You might not have the only Bella at the dog park. 

Its popularity is almost certainly a reflection of the Twilight Series protagonist, Bella Swan. The name means "beautiful" and would be especially good for adorable, relatively small breeds and clingy ones. 

2. Luna

As bright as the moon, the name Luna also shines among others. 

The moon is often associated with nighttime, hence, it's good for black dogs or wolf-like breeds. But, as fierce as the name sounds, dogs named Luna tend to be good-natured, loyal, and affectionate. 

3. Lucy

A perfect name for spoiled dogs!

Most Lucys are smart and attentive dogs. Lucy means light and is mostly given to girls, human babies or dogs, born at dawn. If your dog gives light to your life, Lucy is a great name.

4. Daisy

Sweet and loving!

If your pup is as delicate and beautiful as a flower, this is the name for her! Dogs named Daisy instantly bring people joy, as it reminds them of spring or summer. They represent innocence, purity and cheerfulness. 

5. Zoey

It means life!

Zoey is often used for dogs who are active and strong. Easy to say and simple enough to listen for in a busy crowd at the park. This humble name best describes the playful nature of our pups.

6. Lily

Soft and gentle!

For the most part, pups with this name love to play. These snuggly pups will play with anyone and everyone. They do have a mischievous side but more often reflect well on the sweet nature of pups we love.

7. Lola 


Contrary to the name's original meaning, "Sorrows", dogs named Lola are very thoughtful and friendly. They’re loveable. If you want to name your pup something a little unique, Lola is one of the most trendy names in the scene. 

8. Bailey

A good follower!

Just like the name indicates, Baileys are obedient and smart. They’re generally sweet and kind. They often have a "sweet tooth" and will beg for any opportunity. 

9. Stella

Center of attraction!

Stella, which means “star", is a born show dog or a rising influencer. Stella is a great choice for dogs who love to be everyone's apple of the eye. This name can be seen as an alternative to the most popular name, Bella.

10. Molly

While the name itself may mean bitter, that's not how we feel at all!

Dogs named Molly are gentle and sweet-natured. Perfect for dogs who have pretty faces. This feminine name is associated with intelligence and companionship.

11. Coco


While dogs who are often named Coco are on the smaller side, they can be spoiled and fussy at times. Whether it's named after Coco Chanel or the colour of cocoa, this cute name is perfect for a little diva of a dog. 

12. Maggie

A valuable gem!

Maggie means pearl, derived from Margaret. Most dogs named Maggie are happy and calm. They like to be with their owner rather than being alone. They also love to communicate with you in any way they can. 

13. Penny

Are you a fan of The Beatles?

Penny is a great name for your dog, inspired by their song Penny Lane. Or if not, Penny is another ageless name for female dogs you can possibly choose. It’s a shortened form of Penelope, which sounds elegant and refined.

14. Roxy


Roxys are a ball of sunshine. They’re very loyal and often described as a ‘one-owner dog’. If your dog also likes to wake up early for a walk, Roxy is a good name for such a clever one.

15. Nala

Who doesn’t love Disney?

This Disney-inspired name is perfect for a sleek, elegant dog that’s as courageous as they’re beautiful. It’d be perfect for Golden retrievers and labradors!

16. Rosie

If your dog is cheery all the time, Rosie is a great name for her. It’s a preferred name for small dogs as it may sound too childish for larger breeds. They’re sweet and loyal as a rose. 

17. Chloe


If you’re looking for an easy, pretty and common name for your pup, Chloe might be for her! They often aim to please and are quite carefree. Also, they can be perfect for blossoming show dogs.

18. Sophie

Sincere and sweet!

Derived from the beautiful word ‘Sofia’, which means wisdom. Dogs named Sophie are creative and active. They prefer the companionship of humans more than other dogs, though. Also, if you’re a fan of French Culture or Audrey Hepburn movies, Sophie must be the name you’re looking for!

19. Ruby


As we all know, rubies symbolise pure love, loyalty and good fortune. For a dog who's got a personality that shines through, this name would be great.

20. Ellie

Ellie means sympathy and compassion. It’s cute and an adorable name, perfect for small breeds like corgis. 


NALZO hopes the names listed above helped you find a name that perfectly suits your fur baby. After all, only you can define what’s a good name for your pup (well, your dog might have a say, too!).