20 Top Male Dog Names In Australia 2022

Alice Nguyen | 08 September, 2022

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It’s a boy!

We're sure you've already bought a bunch of dog accessories, like dog harnessesdog collarsdog leadsdog bandanas and dog poop bags for the new pup. But have you chosen a fitting name for him yet?

Every pup is deserving of the perfect name more than anything else. And looking for a good name to call the newest family member is real pressure. It's the thing you and your pup will be living with for a long time, so it deserves plenty of thought. 

But, with countless dog names to choose from, how will you pick the best one? 

If you don’t know where to start, it might help to observe their personality or appearance first. You can easily associate something as you monitor their behaviour— active, fast, rebel, sweet and gentle. Or through their skin/fur colour, brown, white and black, or with spots!

Choosing the best name is a fun and essential task for every fur parent. Hence, we’ve rounded up some great options for you. Here is the list of the top 20 male dog names in Australia for 2022:

1. Charlie

The charts have spoken. Every man's best friend is commonly named Charlie!

Like Charlie Chaplin, this is a great name to give to a happy, free-spirited dog like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Most Charlies are warm-hearted, loyal dogs with friendly personalities. 

2. Max

The great!

If you’ve got a great, very tough, masculine dog right there, you might want to name the big guy ‘Max’. Perfect for larger breeds like German Shepherds. But it could also be ideal for our little chihuahuas, who are definitely tough despite their size. 

3. Buddy

Timeless name for our partners-in-crime!

This one’s a classic. The prominent meaning of the name is “friend”. This might be the reason why it's pretty popular, especially among male fur parents. It's also simple and easy to learn for dogs. Most dogs named Buddy are very loyal.

4. Milo


Of German origin, Milo means soldier. In some languages, the name could mean beloved. Dogs named Milo are strong-willed, good-natured, loving, and brave. For easy-going dogs, this one's for you!

5. Archie

Are you a big fan of the Archie comics, or perhaps Riverdale?

Archie couldn't be better. The name means daring and precious. For our precious dogs who love to do things their way, Archie could be the best fit!

6. Ollie

Dogs named Oliver, sometimes called Ollie for short, are equally wonderful dogs. They can be cranky at times but are always characterised as someone eager to please. Many Ollies are keen chewers, so don't forget to stuff their favourite toy in your MAMA dog bags!

7. Oscar

Not the awards!

Oscars are independent and can be a bit grumpy. Regardless, they have a fun personality and a playful nature. They can be associated just by any size and breed. If you also like to follow the adventures of Oscar Diggs from Oz The Great and Powerful, Oscar might be the perfect match!

8. Teddy

Stuffy and adorable?

This common pet name is a good one. Dogs named Teddy are cute, sweet, and loyal dogs. Perfect for breeds who may look like teddy bears, such as chow chows and Pomeranians. 

9. Leo

Leo dogs are natural-born leaders who like to take charge. If a lion is the king of the jungle, your dog Leo is your home's king. They might be a little stubborn, but there will be no dull moments with them!

10. Cooper

All you need is love and a dog named Cooper!

Coopers are fairly fun and happy dogs. While cooper was originally a name for hard workers, now it works just as well for cute lazy little fuzz balls. 

11. Rocky

If your pup loves to play, play, and play, Rocky might just be your top pick. Most Rockys also have strong and big personalities. Ideal for pitbulls, rottweilers, and yorkshire terriers.

12. Tucker

A good name for dogs with colourful personalities. Tucker is a preppy name but with a friendly twist. They may love to eat and get easily motivated if food is involved. This name is good for beagles. 

13. Duke

Dukes are very loyal, loving dogs. They may want your attention 24/7 and tend to be dominant. They are also smart and obedient. If your dog is noble, like a Great Dane, Duke might suit your dog the best!

14. Toby

Tobys are generally sweet and are good companions. They tend to have a friendly and energetic demeanour. When looking for your fur baby's name, Toby is definitely worth considering!

15. Jack

If you have a Jack Russell Terrier, Jack is a pretty obvious name. Well, if you don’t have one, you might still pick this cool name.  Dogs named Jack are often described as quiet and calm. They love life and can be truly your most real pal for life!

16. Bear

Large long-haired fluffy breeds have something like “Bear” as their name. They are generally loyal dogs but with aggressive tendencies. It’s more befitting for strong and brave dogs. 

17. Finn

Fair little one!

A name with enormous energy and charm, Finn is a great name for dogs with fair skin and coating. This name is also associated with friendship and companionship. 

18. Louie

Louie bears a striking resemblance to the current baby-naming trend — short, cute, but somewhat old-fashioned. It’s a diminutive term for famous warrior and has many derivations—Louis, Luis, and Lewis.

19. Murphy

This name is quite popular in tv shows. Murphy is a carefree name for dogs like golden retrievers. Most Murphys are loyal, loving, and energetic. It's simply an adorable name for any kind of pooch. 

20. Winston

Winstons love to meet new people and befriend them. They are commonly loyal and sweet. The name can also mean a joyful stone, good for active and energetic breeds.


In the end, names can be inspired by just anything. What's important is that your dog loves the name as much as you do. NALZO hopes you create a wonderful bond with your pup—starting with a name you both adore!

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