5 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles For Girls

Alice Nguyen | 02 September, 2022

            Pretty flower hairstyle on a girl with long hair

Ah, the holiday break is finally over.

Suddenly, we are back to being bombarded with homework, projects, busy mornings, classes, and study sessions. It's always a little adjustment going back. 

But even though there is a twinge of sadness, nothing beats the exciting back-to-school vibes we've been waiting for throughout the break. You'll finally get to see your besties again, and it is a perfect excuse to pick up a few new outfits and rock different hairstyles every day.

Typically, school mornings can be pretty hectic. From fixing your bed, dressing up, and getting everything else sorted out. This usually leaves a little time to style our hair. Unfortunately, finding styles that actually save you time is a real challenge.

Worry less! Here are 5 easy back-to-school hairstyles you can pull off with your back-to-school fit and mix and match with your mini scrunchies and hair bow ties collection.

1. Ponytails

Basic and simple for the first day of the week, Monday!

Ponytails will never let you down (no pun intended). You can elevate your typical ponytails by adding some end curls or doing a high-slicked back for some height and shine. You just have to put your hair in a pony, high or low, partner it up with a hair scrunchie, and then doll it up a little according to your taste. You'll be done in no time! 

Woman with pony tail and hair scrunchie

2. Double Side Buns Updo

Double trouble with some bold-braid Tuesday look!

Let's make a retro statement. These double side buns are equally sleek and playful. To perfect the look, section your hair into two parts and comb it in low ponytails. Bun them up and apply a few spritzes of hairspray to keep it looking pretty all day!

You can fix the buns with matchy hair bows for an exciting pop of colour. 

Girl with pug dog

3. French Braided Pigtails

Quick and fun style for a sporty Wednesday!

A combination of child-like pigtails and sexy french braids—Ah, the perfect balance of cute and sexy. This is perfect for sporty gals who hate stubborn hair getting on their sweaty face during training but still wanna look cute. To recreate, part your hair down the centre, make two taut french braids, and secure with an elastic or scrunchie. 

Apply a light grip spray or wax to get a smooth look and keep the volume we all want!

Female with french braid pigtail hairstyle

4. Halo Braid

Perfect for any school events or even just a regular Thursday at the library!

Take your messy, fresh look one step further with halo braids. Just wear two tightly-wound braids to bed and place them into a halo braid when you wake up, keeping the front section very natural and the back all done up. It's literally a 5-minute look — cute and easy.

You can clip a hair bow of your choice to spice it up more! 

Girl with Halo braid hairstyle

5. Dutch Fishtails

Ready to wrap up the week with a very feminine Friday hairstyle?

A tiring week calls for some dutch fishtails. Rock this simple but great back-to-school hairstyle with your favourite scrunchie. Leave most of your hair down, curled or ironed straight, pull back your bangs and front sections and fix it in a loose fishtail braid. Secure the braids with an elastic or scrunchie. 

You can also try low braid fishtails for a casual, undone look. Perfect for girls who want to look polished but don't have the time to make anything complicated. A simple bow is great to finish everything up, too. 

Girl with dutch fishtail hairstyle


Make your way from Monday through Friday with different hairstyles each day of the week. You can add a little twist to every style with NALZO mini scrunchies and hair bows. Not to mention, these are also perfect to go matchy-matchy with your furry friends wearing a dog bandana - check out NALZO’s matching hair scrunchie and dog bandana range. 

Have a great school year ahead, and make the hallways your own runways with these easy back-to-school hairstyles to level up the fun! 

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