5 Basic Easy Tricks To Teach Your Puppy

Alice Nguyen | 04 September, 2022

            Husky Puppy doing Tricks

As a new fur parent, you still grapple with many questions. Aside from the essentials you need to buy, you even have to teach your pup some tricks that don't seem to be something necessary when you first bring them home.

Teaching your pup new tricks can be a great way to spend time together and form a special bond. Trick training also gives them a chance to exercise both their body and brain while learning important commands and developing good behaviour and obedience skills.

Once they have mastered the basics — sit, stand, down, come, stay — you can level up to more exciting yet basic tricks even beginner fur moms and dads can teach their pooch. 

Ready your pups, stretch out your legs, and start a productive playtime with these five basic and easy tricks to teach your puppy as a first-time fur parent:

1. Roll Over

Rock and rollin'!

Browny is not going to be a rockstar this time. You'll be teaching him how to roll over, instead. Most people train their dogs to roll over in several small parts until they get to roll over all the way. 

To start, put them in the 'down' position. Place a treat on your hand and move your hand slowly behind their necks. Your goal is to get them to turn their heads without standing up. As they work their heads towards the treat, gently roll it over. As they follow it, give them the treat and some soft pats. 

Repeat the process and slowly add the command. Eventually, they'll associate the command with the action you want them to do. You don't have to offer a treat each time if your pup can already roll over when asked. Don't forget to praise them!

Corgi laying his back on the carpet


2. Shake Paws

Say Hi!

We shook hands with people we met for the first time — dogs can, too (with their paws!) Generally, shaking paws is an easy trick that can be learned after a few practices. Start by putting your dog in a sitting position. Place a treat inside your palm and move it towards the ground where their paw is located. 

As they reach for the treat in your hand, say the command. Use the same paw for a few more practices with your hand gradually getting higher. In the middle, you can cue another command for the other paw. When they get used to it, you can eliminate the treats and just praise them instead.

Dog shaking his owner's hand


3. High Five

Up here!

Hold your palm up in the air and as your dog hits your hand, say the word "high five". Show appreciation for a job well done by giving them treats and praises. Repeat the process until they get to touch your palm as high as possible. Quite easy, isn't it?

Just be patient until they can finally associate the command with the action without any treats.

Dog high-fiving his owner


4. Spin

Twirl around!

With your dog standing, hold a pinch of treat in front of its nose and start making large circles. This way, it becomes easier to lure your dog to a spin. Remember, only use one direction. Give them a treat once they start turning. 

Keep practicing and make sure they follow the treat around in a full circle. Slowly integrate the command until they fully understand what you mean. Remove the treat and just say the cue. They should be able to respond by doing a spin.

You can add difficulty to this trick by teaching them to spin in a specific direction, but let's save it for next time, moms and dads.

Dog doing a spin


5. Wave

Hello, doggo, goodbye!

Training your dog to wave hello and goodbye is fairly simple. Once they know how to shake paws, this trick should be easy. Just use the steps you did from the former to train them to lift their paws up. Slowly integrate the command and repeat the actions. 

You might just notice your dogs adorably waving at you or your guests! 

dog waving his paw



Remember, it can take time and effort. Keep the learning fun by giving them their favourite treats and appreciating their obedience so that your dog links its training to something memorable. Take breaks if you begin to feel frustrated. After all, our pets can sense what we feel, which might affect their moods. 

Take note of the tricks listed above and follow along! In no time they can show off their new tricks wearing NALZO dog accessories to make them even more adorable - dog harness, dog collar, dog bow tie and dog bandana.

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