5 Short Hair Hairstyle With Scrunchie

Alice Nguyen | 06 September, 2022

            Blond hair female with hair scrunchie

Short hair is one of the best choices for a stylish, comfortable, and casual look. It's all fun and games most of the time. However, it can be hard to maintain too. 

Whether you're slightly regretting your impulse bob cuts or you're just loving your short hair and the freedom it gives, finding hairstyles for short hair can be tricky when you feel like there are not many options.

Well, all lengths can be equally styled in many ways! 

If you can't pull your hair back into a high bun, make long, complex braids, and there's no way you can leave it down, especially if you're having a bad hair day, what else is there? Luckily, there are a lot of short hair hairstyle ideas you can recreate with a scrunchie — our hair bestie.

You still get to enjoy your chop with the list of cute hairstyles we've prepared just for you. Try them on with your favourite scrunchies, and rock each outfit like it's your birthday every day!

1. Half-Up Pony

If you can’t do it in full, try it half up and still look cute!

Perfect for short hair, a half-up pony is quite easy to do. All you need to do is pull your hair on your temples towards the back and secure it with an elastic. Add your mini hair scrunchie of the day to finish the look. Make sure to pull some strands of hair and loosen the crown a little to mimic a fresh, messy look. 

Pair it with your comfy summer dress or even match it with your pup and enjoy a day at the cafe with them.

2. Low Pony

Who says ponytails are only for long hair? 

Ponytails are very versatile, especially if accessorised in the right way. With a low pony, you just have to gather your hair towards the back of your head just above your neck and tie it into a ponytail with a colourful mini scrunchie or an oversized scrunchie. You can loosen up some strands above your ears and temples — with soft curls. 

If you want it sleek and polished, tuck in stubborn strands and apply some hairspray to snatch the look perfectly.

3. Crown Knot

Girls, chin up and take that hair up your crown like the queen that you are!

Crown knots are one of the best picks for a comfortable short hair hairstyle. Collect your hair up towards the crown and roll it into a cute, small bun. Secure the bun with an elastic and add a playful scrunchie that can match your outfit. 

You might need a spritz of hairspray to achieve a clean look at the back of your head right on the crown, especially if you have really short hair.

4. Low Knot

Low knots and scrunchies? Chef’s kiss!

Low knots can work for every occasion. That’s the beauty of this quick hairstyle. To recreate, gather your hair towards the back. Use a mini scrunchie, twist it once and stop halfway for the second twist to make a cute knot. Top it all off with some more accessories and fix the loose strands the way you want. 

Get creative, and you’re good to go!

5. Space Buns

Chic and playful!

For having cute space buns, you need to have a certain length to secure it properly — to see how high or low you can do it with your current short hair. Starting with a messy middle partition from your forehead all the way to the back, gather one side partition into a ponytail. Do it on the other side too. 

Tie both ponies into a bun and add two scrunchies to it. You'll be the cutest with this hairstyle!


Don't get frustrated about finding hairstyles suitable for you. These are just some cute styles you can do with your short hair — of course, paired up with your trusty scrunchies. Try them all and flaunt the cutest side of you! You can match with your fur-baby while they’re wearing NALZO’s dog bandanadog harness or dog collar. NALZO has a whole range of different colour scrunchies for you to choose from.

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