5 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Alice Nguyen | 27 September, 2022

            dog snuggling

To most of us, showing just how much we love a person is quite easy. We can show our affection through words or actions. But, our dogs are different. They neither talk like we do, express their emotions well, nor deliver what they want to say without being misunderstood.

Well, there's no secret how much we love our dogs. We let them freely sleep on our beds, dress them up with NALZO dog bandanas, buy them presents on holidays and birthdays with NALZO dog harnessesdog leadsdog collarsdog bow tiesdog poop bag or play with them, and enjoy just being in their company. But, we don't really know if our feelings are reciprocated.

With all those solid bonds yet uncertain expressions, how can we tell?

Affectionate dog breeds are very good at displaying love and admiration, all cuddly and clingy. If your dog holds back, that's probably their independent nature kicking in than it is a lack of love. 

"I love you more than my fetch ball!"

If they can only talk, you'll probably hear them saying that a thousand times a day. From endearing gazes to physical contact and gestures, there are cues you can pick up from their behaviour that might let us know what they're feeling. 

Here are 5 signs that your dog loves you. Remember, every dog is unique, but if your pup does any of the signs, take it as an indication that he considers you special too!

1. They are excited to see you 

Once you open the door, your dog acts all giddy. He’ll jump on you, lick your face, and wag his tail. When you have a dog at home, this scene might be familiar to you. Being excited and playful when they see you strongly indicates that they missed you while you were away.

Being welcomed by a storm of furry playfulness when you come home from work is truly one of the best parts of being a fur parent. If your dog does that, what else could that possibly mean other than how much they love you to bits and pieces, right?

2. They like to follow you around

Dogs can be your shadow too. If your dogs like to follow you around whenever you leave the room or head to the kitchen, they probably want to accompany you and would love to have you beside them all the time. 

Your pup might try to follow you wherever you go. This is a sign that they care and would want to check if you're fine. Don't worry if they’re always under your foot. That’s just their way of showing their love and that they enjoy spending time with you (even just a short walk around the house!

3. They maintain eye contact with you

Dogs tend to avoid eye contact for several reasons. They might view direct staring as a threat or challenge. Also, dogs avoid eye contact when showing submission due to fear and lack of trust. 

So, when your pup chooses to look at you with soft, calm eyes, they trust you. There's no doubt that when it comes to taking care of a dog, trust is the highest form of love they can give their owners.

4. They like cuddling and sleeping with you

Dogs, by nature, like to sleep in packs. It makes them feel relaxed and safe. When they snuggle beside you or want to sleep in your room, they feel protected in your presence. 

A dog that likes to curl, lean, sit or sleep beside you is a clear sign of love, but so is any effort your pup makes to touch you. They can be sensitive in this manner, any excessive touching can irritate them, but if they don't feel agitated when it’s you, that's some real trust right there.

5. They share their favourite toy with you

We all know how dogs can be possessive and territorial. If they share something they're currently passionate about or greet you with objects of their affection, you must be special to them. 

Aside from mealtime, playtime is their favourite part of the day. So if they bring you their favourite toy, they’re basically asking you to spend this special moment with them. What a privilege!


Every dog is one of a kind. Each has different ways of showing affection. Whichever love language they speak, just know that they care and love you back. If your dog feels uncomfortable when you're around (but we’re sure that's not the case at all), then you can be sure that they already consider having you for life!

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