5 Dog-Friendly Cafes in Sydney's Inner West

Alice Nguyen | 17 July, 2022

            Cavoodle puppy going on brunch date with human

A cup of your favourite coffee. The nostalgic smell of books. Calming music.

Cafes are always a nice place to be, especially in big, buzzing cities like Sydney. Time somehow slows down inside, and suddenly you feel at peace again. Well, at least not until you remember your furbaby patiently waiting for you to come home. 

Now, you’re torn between enjoying cafes and staying at home with dear Bella. Isn’t there a way to bring these two love in your life together?

Fortunately, various business owners resonate with your dilemma and built cozy places for your coffee cravings and fluffy buddy. 

Brighten up your cafe excursions by bringing your pup to these 5 dog-friendly cafes in Sydney’s Inner West.  

1. Cafe Bones

Why don’t we start with the home of the world’s first cafe-styled dog beverage, Pupaccino?

Cafe Bones launched in 2000, so it’s among the first establishments to cater to both people and their pets. With a vast park nearby, a friendly atmosphere, and yummy treats, Cafe Bones built its reputation through the years as one of the most suggested cafes to share a meal with your dog.

Visit Cafe Bones in Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt, between 8 AM and 3 PM. You may also check out their website and Instagram account.       

Bone Appetit!!

Large Dog Waiting For His Pupaccino or Doggycino - Cafe Bones
Dog And His Owner At Cafe Bones

Image: Cafe Bones

2. The Carpenter Cafe

If you’re craving tasty and healthy breakfast food selections, another dog-friendly cafe in Leichhardt got you covered!

The Carpenter Cafe takes pride in its locally sourced casual food concepts and chic, Instagram-worthy set-up. 

But, what makes it even more lovable is its dog-friendly atmosphere that allows your furry buddy to relax next to you. 

You may book reservations through their website.

Small Dog Sitting at a Dog Friendly Cafe - The Carpenter Cafe

Dog With Their Owner At Carpenter Cafe

Image: The Carpenter Cafe

3. Petty Cash Cafe

In for vegan and gluten-free options? 

Situated in Marrickville, the Petty Cash Cafe offers a separate vegan menu for you and your dog. Apart from the delightful selection, its vintage chairs and tables bring retro flair to town. 

Also, across it is the Enmore Park, where you can extend your bonding time with a hearty picnic!

Contact them through their Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.

 Pomeranian dog at Petty Cash Cafe

People Having Brunch at Petty Cash Cafe - Pet Friendly

Image: Petty Cash CafeLouise Wellington

4. Cuckoo Callay

Since Cuckoo Callay is just outside Newtown train station, it’s the perfect go-to place for a brunch date or a quick coffee fix. They’re also famous for starting the Bacon Festivalwhere they served bacon-centric dishes for several weeks.

More importantly, Cuckoo Callay is built to accommodate even our precious dogs. It has a covered area outside where they can enjoy a cup of Puppuccino and tasty biscuits.

Conveniently, they also offer treats for pups on the go at the coffee counter. Sweet!

Dog enjoying his puppacino at Cuckoo Callay Newtown

People Having Lunch at Cuckoo Callay Newtown - Dog Friendly Cafe

Image: Cuckoo Callay, Twin Discoveries

5. Naked Brew

To complete the list, we have Erskineville’s Naked Brew!

Naked Brew is crazy about healthy brunch and healthy food paired with laid-back style and friendly staff. All of these give customers the homey vibes that everybody loves. 

Making the place more special is its whole menu for your pooch! This includes the famous Doggie Donuts (with pup-safe peanut butter) and Doggie Chino with beef liver sprinkles!

Did you drool over its tasty menu? How much more your pup! You can check out the complete list of offerings through their website.

Cavoodle getting ready to eat her doggie doughnut and puppacino

Naked Brew Cafe - Dog Friendly Cafe

Source: Naked Brew

What are you waiting for? 

Spice things up in Inner West Sydney and set that long-overdue date with your furbaby with any of these dog-friendly cafes!  Also, don’t forget to style them up with NALZO's matching sets and dog harness bundles — designed and made with love.