Hair Scrunchies Vs Hair Ties

Alice Nguyen | 28 July, 2022

            Blonde Hair Girl Wearing Satin/Silk Champange hair scrunchie

Our hair is the crown we never take off. It’s the first thing that always gets noticed, so we'd better make sure it’s looking preened, polished, and fixed at all times. It's an instant confidence boost, and you’ll feel on top of your game!

But, if you’re having a bad hair day and you just want to tie it up, or you want to hit the gym, and you don’t want it all over your sweating face, hair accessories always come to the rescue. 

Well, if there are too many to choose from, might as well start with the basics.

One thing you can count on fashion trends is that they’re rarely gone for good. What’s old can be totally new again. Hair ties are slowly fading out of style, and scrunchies are making a comeback. Upgrade your hair game with cute scrunchies that you can slay and match with your outfits. 

If you’ve been wanting to change your old weary hair ties that always get lost, give scrunchies a go! You might fall in love and see yourself become a hoarder with the variety of designs and patterns it comes with. 

Let's get to know scrunchies better!

What is a hair scrunchie?

Is it the 1980s all over again?

Oh, no! It's 2022 but better with this retro trend back on track. A scrunchie is a ring of fabric-covered elastic. It typically forms cute ruffles when twisted around a ponytail. It's available in many different colours, fabric materials, styles, sizes, and designs— a perfect balance of comfort and style.

Scrunchies go well with a loose, bright, and casual look that everyone's been obsessing about now! 

Why is a hair scrunchie better for your hair than a hair tie?

A scrunchie is an extremely versatile accessory. It suits well for any outfit and on any occasion. It also has a lot of benefits compared to conventional hair ties. 

  1. Scrunchies do not damage your hair. Everyone who has worn hair ties must know how hard it is to remove. Once you remove it, you see clumps of hair strands and dents on your hair which is not necessarily a pretty sight. With scrunchies, you get that extra layer of protection, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  2. Scrunchies are less likely to cause headaches. Wearing hair ties for hours will cause headaches, especially if worn tightly. Scrunchies, conversely, are gentle with their soft fabric material. Long hours are no biggie anymore!

  3. Scrunchies are harder to lose. It’s everyone's dilemma — a frequently lost hair tie. Scrunchies are way bulkier, so it's not easy to lose. Plus, you can always wear it as a bracelet without disrupting your outfit. Be fashion-forward!

  4. Scrunchies hold more hair. They are bigger and much stronger than regular hair ties, so they can hold more hair. So, you don't have to worry about your ties exploding or your hair looking like Chewbacca. Never disappoint!

  5. Scrunchies are an ultimate saviour. For bad hair days, all you have to do is tie your hair up in a bun partnered with a scrunchie, and you're good to go. You can play with the colour and style to match your look. Level up the fun!

What is the difference between a hair tie and a hair scrunchie?

Aren't they just hair ties?

Technically, yes. Hair ties and scrunchies are both elastic hair accessories. But, unlike your regular thinner hair ties, the fabric that covers the elastics in scrunchies cushions the hair and allows no hair breakage. Scrunchies are more comfortable to wear and just glide on your hair when removed. They will never let you down…and your hair.

Do scrunchies prevent hair breakage?

A well-made scrunchie provides that extra layer of protection with the additional fabric. They’re made of soft fabric materials like silk and satin. Satin reduces friction, which helps to keep your hair healthy. Also, they don’t draw out moisture that your hair naturally has, preventing hair damage. 

Tugging and breaking problems no more!


Our hair is our crowning glory. It deserves the best care. So, you've got to switch up your hair game and consider using scrunchies. They provide a perfect balance of comfort and fashion, suitable for any occasion or any look you want to achieve.

You can be bold with oversized scrunchies or complete a subtle look with a mini scrunchie. You can even match with yourdogs with NALZO's dog bandana and scrunchie matching set or your girl best friend!