Why Is Healthy Hair Care Important?

Alice Nguyen | 22 September, 2022

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To most of us, self-care means going to the mall and shopping because you feel like you deserve it or indulging yourself with a glass of wine while soaking in a hot tub full of roses. But self-care is also being mindful of what your body needs  — including your hair. 

Our hair is our crowning glory. It says a lot about us — what we wear, how we wear it, and how it looks. It has become an extension of one's personality. So, taking care of our hair is really important. 

Many of you might have tried different routines along with different hair products, but nothing seems to work. Some just simply wash and comb without paying much attention. Healthy hair care is so much bigger than we actually thought. 

The condition of our hair and its significant impact on our well-being makes it equally important as any other needs of our body. Hence, let’s learn more about the importance of having healthy hair care:

1. Good Hygiene

Hair care is important not only for our appearance but also for our overall hygiene. Our hair gets oily quickly, accumulating dirt and dust. It can cause our hair to smell and feel greasy. Healthy hair care will keep it clean and groomed at all times. It allows us to look our best and ensure our hair is spotless.

2. Prevents scalp issues

We barely think of our scalp as it's seemingly covered. But, in reality, our scalp can suffer from burns and severe dryness due to extensive heat exposure. Poorly maintained scalp can affect the overall condition of our hair — growth and texture. Proper hair care will help prevent scalp issues. With a healthy scalp, you can now kiss goodbye to your hair woes!

3. Prevents dreaded dandruff

Non-stop itching? White flakes flying around every time you touch your hair? Yikes! You might be infested with dandruff. This actually goes hand in hand with a dry scalp. Well, nothing good and healthy hair care can't solve. You can stop this problem if you take care of your hair!

4. Encourages hair growth

Hair that's been constantly exposed to heat styling, hair chemicals, and pollutants will eventually deteriorate. It also ceases proper hair growth. Once you understand the severity of these things hurting your hair, you can finally take action. And what actions could that be? Say less, healthy hair care to the rescue.

5. Prevent hair loss

Hair loss doesn't come with age. We lose hair all the time. A few strands won't hurt, but having no proper hair care can’t make everything worse than normal. Maintaining your hair can ensure its longevity, as it can prevent premature hair loss. 

6. Hair reflects overall health

As a matter of fact, the condition of our hair can be the most important indication of our overall health. If our body falls short in vitamins and other nutrients, our hair is dull and brittle. Unhealthy hair might be a sign of your poor diet or hair care routine. With proper maintenance and care, healthy, vibrant hair can be achieved!

7. Healthy hair is a happy you

When we’re having a bad hair day, it affects our mood. If it's looking great, all shiny and bouncy, we feel ecstatic. Healthy hair is critical to both your physical and mental well-being. Having healthy hair is an instant confidence booster. You’d be confident parading yourself in crowded places because your hair is looking fine.

Healthy hair care is the key!


Our hair needs some tender loving care to avoid split ends, dryness, fall, and deterioration. For this, it is necessary to have healthy hair care. It is not just your hair. It concerns your overall well-being too. So as early as now, turn your backs from your old ways, change thy routines, and have your hair pampered the way it deserves. 

If drastic changes are too tough for you, you can start with something as simple as using non-damaging hair accessories, like NALZO mini scrunchies or oversized scrunchies!

We believe hair reflects the inner you, not just what you wear. Keep that crown glorified all the time!

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