Is Pet Insurance Necessary?

Alice Nguyen | 24 August, 2022

            Is Pet Insurance Necessary?

Owning a dog isn’t just about buying cute accessories such as a dog harnessdog collardog bow tiedog leashdog poop bagdog bandana or walking them every morning. On a serious note, when we decide to buy or adopt one, we want to make sure we're ready financially. 

Just like humans, dogs require some medical needs. They, too, suffer from illnesses or injuries that can actually cost a fortune. From vaccinations, and unexpected accidents to regular vet visits, not having insurance might cause a mini heart attack knowing how expensive it can be.

In Australia, approximately 61% of households own a pet, with dogs dominating at 40%. It has remained relatively steady for the past years. According to the Australian Veterinary Association, on an average dog's lifespan, an owner can spend more than $25,000. This can be broken down into a long list of expenses, including medical needs.

Whilst pet-ownership stakes are high, only 7.1% has ensured pet insurance. It’s more than what we originally imagined. So if you’re a first-time fur parent or still planning to have a dog, it’s better to be ready!

Curious? Here are a few things you need to know about pet insurance and how it can help you in the future.

What is Pet Insurance?

It's better to be safe than sorry!

Pet insurance is a form of coverage that pays a portion of your vet bills to a certain extent. It can shoulder regular vet visits, including check-ups and vaccinations, treatment for illness or injury, ongoing medications, and surgery for worst-case scenarios. 

Having the right pet insurance can save you from out-of-the-pocket expenses and being caught up in a financial burden should the unexpected happen. Fingers crossed!

How do I know which one to choose from?

Pet insurance can be something you never want to use, but should unexpected situations arise, it may be worth having during emergencies. Choosing the right insurance policy is challenging. Hence we gotta do our homework!

1. Sniff around

You can start by getting quotes from different insurance providers and see which plan offers the best. Pet insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, so weigh your options first!

2. Identify

Identify your dog’s needs. This can help you in determining what policy suits you and your dog. Being so, being blinded by appealing plans that don't necessarily help can be avoided.

3. Choose

Finally, you can now choose a pet insurance of your liking. You and your dog can now enjoy its benefits, just in case. But, we do genuinely hope your pups can stay healthy! 

What are the benefits of Pet Insurance?

When your pup does get sick, your wallets will hurt. From basic treatments and medications to complex procedures, pet insurance can cover a portion of the bill from basic treatments, medications, and complex procedures. By paying according to your chosen period, you can now focus on your dog's healing and not on the vet bills.

You can rest easy knowing your pet…and your wallet are well protected. 

What do most Pet Insurance plans cover?

A pet insurance policy can only shoulder a portion of your dog's treatment if it's an eligible illness or injury. These include vehicular accidents, snake bites, bone fractures, bite wounds, skin conditions, hazard ingestions, and tick paralysis. 

More so, premium plans can cover additional benefits such as de-sexing, microchipping, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, and pest infection control.

What are not covered in most Pet Insurance plans?

There are exclusions with most pet insurance plans. These include pre-existing conditions or illnesses arising within the applicable period, chronic or repeating conditions beyond the acceptable benefit limits, pandemic diseases, alternative therapies, and voluntary euthanasia. 

Further, plans don't typically cover prosthesis and organ transplants, breeding or obstetrics treatments, elective treatments, dental care, and gross negligence. 


Vet bills can really add up. It'll hurt our wallets and bank accounts — our heads too. Surely, getting pet insurance can help. We mean, nothing can go wrong with being ready and prepared. Should any emergencies occur, you can just relax and think of your pet's wellness.

Also, many insurers are available today. Make sure you choose the right one by weighing your options. We hoped NALZO helped you learn something. After all, we only want what's best for our babies!