7 Top Reasons To Not Sleep With Your Scrunchie On

Alice Nguyen | 04 August, 2021

            Female in bed wearing hair scrunchies

Sleeping with your scrunchie on has benefits and disadvantages. While many people tie their hair with scrunchies at night, some may prefer to remove them for various reasons. 

Scrunchies are popular hair accessories that also offer hair care and protection. You may or may not sleep with your scrunchie tied to your hair, but this depends on different factors and circumstances.

Here are seven top reasons to not sleep with your scrunchie on!

1. To Let Your Hair Breathe

Although it’s advisable to tie your hair at night, you must remember that letting your hair and scalp breathe once in a while is essential. 

It’s the same way you need to get by a day without wearing any makeup to allow skin regeneration. Your hair should not experience continuous suffocation from using styling products and tight hairstyles. 

If you’ve worn your scrunchie during the day, ensure to let your hair down at night. Keep in mind that hair hydration and care is as important as skin regeneration. 

Once you practice this, you will have soft and shiny hair that may grow quicker than usual. 

2. You're Using Scrunchies on Wet Hair

You should not use scrunchies when your hair is wet. It’s just the same thing as not sleeping with wet hair. 

Whether you’re using a regular hair tie or a mini scrunchie, tying up wet hair is not advisable. You must dry your hair first before sleeping. 

Also, make sure you are not suffocating your hair by tying it up with your scrunchie while it’s dense with water. 

If you’re not comfortable keeping your hair out or down while it dries, you can use a silk fabric to wrap it up for a neat and sleek look.

3. Easy Hair Drying

Removing your scrunchies is important to dry your hair fast. Completely drying your hair will prevent tugging and severe damage during sleep. 

When washing your hair at night, give yourself an hour or two to let your hair dry. You can also use a hairdryer to make the process quick and avoid frizz.

4. Sleeping with Your Hair Tied Up Can Cause Damage

Although using a scrunchie is harmless, some people may prefer to remove them at night, thinking that tying their hair up while sleeping can cause damage. 

This situation is only true when you’re wearing overly tight hairstyles for many hours. It usually happens with people who are using regular hair ties. 

A tightly tied hair can strain your scalp when sleeping and eventually damage your hair. However, wearing loose or mini scrunchies is not as harmful as using regular elastic ties. 

But it’s always up to you whether or not you’ll prefer wearing mini scrunchies or letting your hair down while you sleep.

5. You Have Satin or Silk Pillowcase

You may or may not sleep with your scrunchie on when you’re using a silk or satin pillowcase. Silk is good for your hair.

There’s no friction made when your hair and the silk rub against each other. It’s gentler than cotton, which means it won’t be rough to your hair.  

Although there are silk scrunchies, you can always opt to take them off when sleeping if you already have a silk pillowcase to lay your head-on.

6. Allowing Your Scalp to Relax

Most of us often ignore our scalp’s health. But you should know that the shine, length, and strength of your hair comes from a healthy scalp.

To give your scalp time to relax, don’t sleep with your scrunchies on. Leave your hair down and end your nighttime hair care routine with a gentle head and scalp massage.

Regularly massaging your scalp will help stimulate blood circulation, which will result in healthy hair.

7. To Apply Overnight Treatment

Another reason why you should not sleep with your scrunchie on is when you’re applying some overnight hair treatment.

If you incorporate masks and treatments into your weekly hair care regimen, then wearing a scrunchie at this time isn’t advisable.

Depending on the condition and type of your hair, intensive overnight treatment for hair hydration and repair should be at least once or twice a month.


There are various reasons to not sleep with your mini scrunchie or oversized scrunchie on. But whether it’s for your hair’s protection or just your preference, understanding how it will affect your hair’s overall condition is essential.

What matters is that you keep your hair healthy, regardless of the reasons for not wearing your scrunchie at night.

Keep in mind that scrunchies are beneficial too and can help you take care of your hair.