Dog Halloween Gifts: What To Get Your Puppy

Alice Nguyen | 09 October, 2022

            Dog Halloween Gifts: What To Get Your Puppy

Trick or treat!

When the leaves start to change, and people start picking out their giant pumpkins from their backyard, you know what’s about to come: spooky season! Apparently, Halloween isn’t just for humans on the hunt for treats and candies in ghost costumes; it's a night for our furry friends to enjoy just as much as we do.

If you’re throwing a Howl-a-ween party for your pup and his pals or just want to include your dog in the festivities, the spookiest night won’t be complete without tricks, treats, and… gifts! Well, Christmas is yet to come, but we can still show how much we love our dogs with some Halloween gifts. 

And just because our candy stash from trick or treating all day is pretty much not allowed for furry noses doesn't mean our fur babies are out of luck when it comes to Halloween goodies. Don’t worry. We whipped up a batch of adorable items you can get your dog for Halloween!

Thrilled? Let’s keep digging for some clues!

1. NALZO Halloween Personalised Bandanas And Matching Dog Mum Hair Scrunchies

Halloween Dog Bandanas

Nothing can top off a matching set! 

Celebrate the spooky season with NALZO spooky boo mini scrunchie and match with your furbaby with our spooky boo dog bandana that you can get personalised. Have NALZO Halloween vinyl design as an add-on to your furbaby's bandana to make it spookier...oops, we mean, extra special!

Alternatively, you can check out NALZO dog bandanas and get it personalised with their Halloween vinyl options. After all, Halloween doesn't have to be orange, black and purple. 

2. Halloween-themed Dog Biscuits

Halloween themed dog biscuits

You can never go wrong with some scary good Halloween-themed dog biscuits!

It’s Halloween night. You got all cuddled up on the couch, watching horror movies and munching a bar of chocolate from your big bucket of trick-or-treat goodies while you wait for more kids in silly costumes to ring your doorbell. 

With your dogs looking at you with those adorable eyes and seemingly asking if you have any Halloween treats for them, you just can’t resist! And what could be the perfect way to give them a treat on a chilly Halloween night than a Halloween-themed dog biscuit, right? 

You can bake one or buy some store-bought limited edition biscuits, either way you can make sure no one gets left out — definitely, not our dogs!

3. Halloween-themed Dog Cupcakes

Halloween themed cupcakes

While your dog might not be able to join in the pumpkin carving activity, he could accompany you in tucking into some spooky-themed treats. But as tempting as it is to share lots of nibbles with your dog as you fish around your bucket of goodies, it might not be good for them. 

No worries! As you get into the Halloween spirit, devilishly delicious dog cupcakes will be perfect for your furry friends. They can now enjoy trick or treating and get into the holiday mood as much as we do.

4. Halloween Dog Plush Toys

Cavoodle in Halloween Costume with toy

Who says Halloween is just for humans? Dogs love to get in on the fun too! 

While it is good to include them in the festivities, a new plush toy would also be great to get your dog for Halloween to keep them occupied (thank us later!). You can choose from monsters, creepy creatures, or perhaps a clown plushy that they can de-fluff or sink their fangs into this holiday season.

5. Halloween Dog Costume

Dogs dressed up for halloween

It’s a big sin to forget to dress up your dog for the season!

The spookiest night of the year won't be complete without our dogs dressed up in cute and fun dog costumes. Dress them up as a Chucky dog, cowboy or Olaf, perhaps? You can even match with duo character costumes (there are so many options!) If you want to keep it simple, head over to NALZO to check our all their halloween dog bandana collection.

Just be ready for heads turning as your pup walks down the street carrying a small pumpkin basket — their cuteness will be irresistible! You might bag some extra goodies from your neighbours. 

6. Halloween-themed Dog Collar Or Harnesses

Dogs in Halloween costumes

Just the basics, but understood the assignment flawlessly!

Get your dog a Halloween-themed collar or harness. These are just simple gifts but are still perfectly in for the season. A Halloween-themed collar or harness can be worn in place of a regular collar or used as a dress-up collar for parties and trick-or-treating. 

Keep your pup in the Halloween spirit all month long!


2 cavoodles in halloween bandanas

Whether you’re planning to go trick or treating around the neighbourhood or just snuggle on the couch for a scary movie marathon, don’t forget to include your dogs in the fun. Hope you enjoyed the fright and delights we’ve prepared for you. 

Visit NALZO personalised dog bandanas, mini hair scrunchiesdog collars and dog harness section on our site. 

Have a safe and spooky Halloween, mates!


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