What is your Hair Type?

Alice Nguyen | 29 July, 2022

            Beauty of multicultural group of women with different hair types

Mirror, mirror on the wall, What is really my hair type? 

Most of us are guilty of being unsure of which type our hair falls under. When we think about different hair types, the first thing that pops into our minds would only be two types — curly and straight. Well, that’s not the case. There are several types you might never have heard of.

Think you know your hair type, but it seems like your hair care regimen doesn’t work? Maybe you got it all wrong. There are several factors to consider when identifying what your hair type is.

It can be pretty overwhelming, but don't worry. We’re going to share everything you need to determine your hair type. This will help you better take care of your hair and establish that perfect routine along with the right accessories, like hair scrunchies

What is a hair type?

Hair we are!

Hair type is all about your hair’s curl pattern or the shape of your hair. Our hair is made up of two separate structuresshaft and follicle. The hair shaft consists of the cortex, surrounding cuticle cells, and a central medulla often found in thicker hairs. While the hair follicle is where our hair grows. 

Further, a study shows that the shape of our follicles determines the shape of our hair or its type. For instance, curly-haired people have an oval follicle shape, and straight-haired people have perfectly round ones. Also, genetics plays a vital role in determining your hair type — straight, curly, wavy, or coiled — and its thickness or thinness.

How do I figure out my hair type?

Let’s decode your hair type!

1. Hair density

It’s the extent to which you can see your scalp as you pull a section of your hair. If you can see your scalp easily, you might have thin hair. Partial means you have medium density or if your scalp is hardly seen, your hair is very thick.

2. Hair diameter

You need to do the strand test to understand if your hair is fine, medium, or thick. Hold a single strand between your thumb and index finger and feel it. You can also compare your hair to a sewing thread.

3. Hair texture

Check out your hair after washing and let it air dry. If it dries without a bend or curl, then you have straight hair. If it dries with subtle curves, then you are wavy. Loop patterns indicate curly hair, while tight and spiral curls mean your hair is coily. 

What are the 4 types of hair?

Blood is not the only thing that has specific types for each person. Hair does, too!

Type 1: Straight

This type of hair doesn’t have any natural curls. The strands can range from fine, medium or coarse/thick and fall without waving from root to tip. But, one thing in common — they can be oily and greasy.

Type 2: Waves

This type of hair is characterised into three subtypes; If you have Type 2A waves, your hair can be fairly straight from roots to eye level, and loose, undefined waves from eye level to tips. Type 2B, your curls are more defined S-shape. Whilst, 2C is often thick and well-defined waves are observed from the crown tumbling downward. 

Type 3: Curls

Curly hairs can range from loose, buoyant loops to tight, springy corkscrew curls. It also has three subtypes and each can be distinguished by looking through the circumference of the curls. Curly hair is prone to frizziness.

Type 4: Coils 

This type of hair has high density and extreme tight curls. It has a mix of textures and patterns. As it has different beautiful shape angles, it can be very fragile, dry, and prone to damage. 

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What is the strongest hair type?

Every type and texture varies!

Thick or coarse textured hair type is the strongest. It contains all hair layers — the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. This hair texture takes longer to dry and is resistant to chemical treatments. It can also tolerate heat well and resist breakage. 


All hair types are beautiful. Whether straight, wavy, curly, coily, fine, medium, thick, your hair deserves care. Get to know your hair type to cater the right hair care regimen and know which hair accessories work best for you. 

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