Tips To Protect Your Dog From Hot Pavement

Alice Newen | 09 September, 2023

            Tips To Protect Your Dog From Hot Pavement

Bid farewell to rainy days and say hello to long-lasting sunshine! 

With the sun, vibrant beaches, fun-filled parks, and blooming flowers, dogs and humans alike adore the summer season. It’s simply the perfect time to have fun and be silly—until your dog starts limping and refuses to walk. Your fur baby's in pain.

One often overlooked aspect of their well-being is protecting their sensitive paws from scorching hot surfaces, including the pavements you both usually walk on. After all, you don’t go walking around with your bare feet, right? But your dog does.

As responsible fur parents, it's vital to recognise potential risks and take steps to protect our furry companions from burns, ensuring they enjoy a safe and comfortable summer.

Tips to protect your dog from hot pavement

Worrying about your dog’s walk? Looking up “Hot pavement dog paw tips” on the internet? 

Fret not! There are various ways to protect dog paws from hot surfaces, including fiery pavements. Read on and end your fur baby’s painful summer days. 

1. Walk your dog when it's cooler

Always check the temperature!

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, if the air temperature is around 86°F (30°C), the asphalt pavement should be at least 135°F (57.2°C). You wouldn't want that temperature on your dog’s paws.

If you don’t have a thermometer, you can also do the 7-second rule wherein you rest your hand on the pavement, wait for 7 seconds, and reschedule your walk if it’s too hot.

Generally, evening and early morning walks are the best and coolest.

2. Stay on the grass

Grass stays cooler than concrete or pavement, so keeping your dog on the lawn is the best choice to avoid hot surfaces. 

3. Steel your dog’s paws 

No, you don’t have to expose dogs on hot surfaces to toughen their paws. All you’ve got to do is encourage your dog to walk on rough but safe surfaces. With this, their paws would get used to walking on different terrains and be prepared to handle various temperatures.

4. Moisturise your dog’s paws

Like you, dogs also need some pampering, like applying moisturisers! It prevents cuts, cracks, and peeling, making their paws less vulnerable to burns and other issues.

5. Always check your dog’s paws

Make it a habit to monitor and check your dog’s paws even when you’re not going for a walk. This way, you can quickly remedy pad cracks and dryness or take your dog to the vet before these escalate into bigger troubles.

6. Use dog leggings or socks

Do you want your dog to stay safe and fashionable? 

Apart from dog paws hot surface protection, stylish dog leggings and socks can complement their bandanasharness bundles, and hair bows, turning heads as your furry friend walks.

7. Use paw wax

Another go-to protection is wax! You can easily apply it on your dog’s pads to protect them from scorching pavements and road salts. Bring extra wax with your MAMA dog bag in case the wax wears off during the walk.  

8. Invest in dog shoes or booties

Shoes and boots are surely the best way to protect dog paws from hot surfaces. That’s if your fur baby wants to wear them. If it’s your dog’s first time to wear one, do the following with treats after every step to make them feel at ease:

  • Show the shoes or boots
  • Touch your dog’s paws with the footwear
  • Practice boot on, boot off your dog’s feet.

9. Stick felt pads

Unlike shoes and boots, felt pads can be cut and attached on dogs’ paws without them noticing—the perfect quick solution! All you have to do is stick the pads on their paws. With these on, dog paw burns and slips can be averted.   

10. Explore alternative activities

If it’s too hot throughout the day for a walk, it’s best to look for other activities that can still get your dog moving, such as playing fetch in your yard ordog parks and dressing up matching sets at home—as long as you’re both safe and having fun!

How to spot paw burns in your furbaby

Dog on pavement near beach

Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

The faster you spot paw burns in your dog, the faster you can provide pain relief. So, familiarise yourself with the following burn signs and don’t let your fur baby suffer any longer: 

  • Excessive licking or chewing
  • Limping or refusing to walk
  • Blisters
  • Bleeding
  • Darker or reddish paw pads
  • Visible wounds and cracks on pads
  • Severe burns
  • Debris in between foot pads

First aid tips to treat burned paws

Once you spot dog paw burns or signs that your fur baby’s in pain, immediately perform the following to manage the situation effectively: 

  1. Get them inside by all means 
  2. Flush the paw pads with cool water
  3. Delicately clean your dog's paws
  4. Apply healing ointments
  5. Keep them off their paws

After completing the first-aid, bring your dog to the veterinarian, as your fur baby might need antibiotics and other medications to prevent infections. 


Keeping our furry friends safe from hot pavement is not just a matter of comfort but also essential for their well-being. By following these tips and being mindful of the temperature outside, we can ensure that our dogs enjoy their outdoor adventures without the risk of painful burns or discomfort. 

So, let's be responsible fur parents and keep our fur babies cool and happy during the hot summer months!

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