3 Best Dog Parks in Sydney's Inner West

Alice Nguyen | 15 July, 2022

            3 Best Dog Parks in Sydney's Inner West

Living in an enclosed space without much light, fresh air, and friends to socialise with is lonely and suffocating. We know this too well. After all, the pandemic took away our privilege to go out without worrying about our health.

We’ve only been living this way for over two years, but most dogs living in urbanised areas have been kept in their yards or apartments for most of their lives. The least we could do for our fur babies is to take them somewhere they could, at least, temporarily feel free—dog parks.

Dog parks are an excellent avenue for owners and dogs to exercise their joints and meet new friends. But, with 43 off-leash areas in Inner West Sydney, which one could give you and your furry best friend the best experience?

Explore these three top-rated dog parks in Sydney’s Inner West with us, and you might just find the dog park for Buddy! 

1. Hawthorne Canal Reserve

Built around the Hawthorne canal, this dog park forms an attractive border between Leichhardt and Haberfield.  

Apart from the beautiful view, this dog park offers plenty of space to satisfy your dog’s playful nature. Since they have dog classes on Sunday mornings, the area could also be used to work on your dog’s behavioural issues.

Specifically, the designated areas for leash-free dog activities include the light rail line and pathway, the canal bridge, and Canal Road’s parking area. Your pup must be on a leash outside this space.

Time out? Located on-site is Puppaccino’s home and every dog’s favourite cafe, Cafe Bones! It offers yummy treats and a dog-friendly set-up.

Hawthorne Canal Reserve - Dog Park

Hawthorne Canal Reserve - Dog Park

Image: Inner West Council

2. Enmore Park

Rated 4.4/5 by over 915 Google users, Enmore Park is definitely a place to visit in Marrickville.

This park is popular among Australians and tourists alike because of its enormous space (yes, we have two rockets here) and plenty of offerings. It has the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre, playgrounds, picnic facilities, shaded areas, and bbq spots. Plus, it’s also surrounded by cafes and shopping centres, like Marrickville Metro.

But, the best part about Enmore Park is its designated off-leash area for dogs. Unlike other parks, this area is available anytime for leash-free dog activities.

What are you waiting for? Grab that frisbee and take your dog to Enmore Park!

Enmore Dog Park Map

Enmore Dog Park      

Image: Inner West Council

3. Elkington Park

Elkington Park in Balmain is known for its breathtaking views—sunset across Sydney Harbour, the glorious shade of huge old trees, and the image of pure bliss painted on our dogs’ faces!

Elkington Park is even more unique because the entire area is available for leash-free exercises during some parts of the day (Non-daylight saving time: 4 pm-10 am; Daylight saving time, weekends, and public holidays: 5 pm - 10 am). 

Suppose you wish to visit before these scheduled times. In that case, your dog could still enjoy leash-free activities in a designated area at the north-western section between Tilba Avenue and White Horse Point anytime.

Flaunt your dog’s fashionable accessories and visit Elkington Park!

Elkington Park - Dog Park Map

Elkington Park - Dog Park

Image: Inner West Council

Final Thoughts

A dog park is a magical place for dogs where they can run without worrying about delicate vases and damaging your couch. In other words, it’s a place where they can be themselves—free, fun, and crazy. 

Still uncertain where to go? Find more hidden gems through Inner West Council’s website page for dog parks near you. Make sure to take note of their rules and regulations to know where you might need to put your furbaby on a walking dog leash.