What Should I Look For When Looking For A Pet Insurance For My Dog?

Alice Nguyen | 03 September, 2022

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Our dogs are part of the family. They grow and play alongside us. Like humans, they get sick and injured, especially with their curious, playful nature and relatively short life spans. It's just something beyond our control.

Just as we care for our family members' health, we sure are likely to be invested in our pets' wellness too. But, vet bills and medication costs can be astronomical. While our dogs give us love and affection, having them can definitely hurt our wallets and bank accounts. When it’s not just all about spoiling them with different dog harnessesdog bow tiesdog leadsdog poop bagsdog collarsdog bandanas and other dog accessories.

Here's when pet insurance becomes a lifesaver. It alleviates the financial burden that comes with fur parenting. Yet there's no one-size-fits-all answer since every insurance policy can vary. With so many insurance providers, how will you know what's best for you and your fur baby? 

Well, we're here to help!

Here are some things you should look for when searching for pet insurance:

1. Policy Duration

Pet insurance providers offer a variety of policy plans. Each plan can range from basic to comprehensive, with distinct corresponding duration — lifetime, non-lifetime or accident-only. A lifetime policy is your best bet if you want something that will give you the most comprehensive coverage. 

Basically, lifetime policies get your pet covered for any illnesses or conditions that may develop while the policy is ongoing and active. Whilst, non-lifetime coverage may stop once a specific monetary or time limit is reached. And accident-only is, generally, what its name speaks. 

More so, each policy can have 'per condition' and 'annual' limitations. Per condition restriction will only pay out a specific amount stated in your plan for every treatment needed. Alternatively, annual limitations cover all conditions up to a certain amount declared in your chosen policy, with no condition limit. 

But, lifetime policies can be more expensive than non-lifetime and accident-only. While you can still consider the latter if you're struggling financially, you have to consider that there might be a lot of exclusions, which brings us to our next point.

2. Coverage

Awareness of policy coverage when looking for good pet insurance is essential. Not every plan is created equal. While some plans only cover emergency care and surgeries, others offer a broader coverage that includes routine check-ups and preventive and dental care. 

Such benefits may cost you more, but it may be worth it for older dogs or dogs prone to diseases and accidents. With that, you should phone several insurance companies to talk you through their offers and choose what best suits your dogs' needs. 

Additionally, one of the biggest challenges in finding the best pet insurance is that most insurers don't offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, which can be frustrating. Hence, you may also opt for companies that provide custom-made policies, but you'll likely pay more for this.

Reading the fine print of the policy is recommended.

3. Fine Print

Before you sign any document, know exactly what you're getting into.

Read the fine print of any policy thoroughly. You might find exclusions apart from pre-existing conditions, which you can add as you speak with the insurer.  

But, don't just mindlessly add benefits, always consider what your dog only needs, both long-term and temporary aid. This way, you'll get the most bang for every buck you spend.  

Moreover, If you don't understand some policy jargon, call the company for clarifications.

4. Third-party Liability Cover

What do we do if our dogs cause damage to someone else's property?

Thankfully, some pet insurance also covers third-party liabilities. This will ensure you don't get stuck with a huge bill should the worst happen. Insurance companies might also have a few questions about this that can affect your application.

5. Costs

Finally, to the most exciting part… is it really?

Well, everything for our dogs. Costs of the insurance can vary with your chosen policy. Ranges are also different for every insurance company. Some on the cheaper side tend to limit their coverage, and expensive ones might only cost you a lot without necessarily getting all the benefits. 

Make sure to consider the age, breed, and special needs of your dogs and your financial capability. This will help secure a more suitable policy for you and your baby. 


We know that sniffing through insurance companies isn't fun, but it really does pay to do your research and make sure you chose the right policy. With pet insurance, you're saving yourself money and your dog's life too! You just have to find the right one!

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