Best Dog-Friendly Hotels in Sydney

Alice Nguyen | 09 March, 2023

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Finally, we’re free!

The Pandemic got us all locked up in our houses, cocooned in a thick blanket while sipping homemade lemon and ginger tea. This cycle goes on and on that we almost forget the luxury vibes of silk sheets and suite life. Our bodies call for a change of environment, ASAP!

Luckily, everything is slowly going back to normal. Hotels, once again, reopened and stay-cations have become a trend. But, the hardest thing about traveling is leaving behind our dogs. They have to jump in on the fun, too. 

Don’t worry! The hotel game is on fire right now. There are a lot of hotels that will roll out the red carpet for you and your furry friend. Scroll on, and let’s see what dog-friendly hotel in Sydney best suits your needs!

1. The Langham

A good start on the long list!

The Langham is one of Sydney’s set of five-star hotels. Sitting on one of the city’s longest, historic streets, it graciously offers a panoramic city and bay views. 

Not only is this paradise one of the best places to relax and delve into timeless elegance, but they also boast their Pampered Pets package. It includes a pet afternoon tea welcome amenity, breakfast in bed for you and your pooch, and a Pawsome Pet gift bag on arrival. 

Time out? You can freely enjoy their day spa without worrying about your pup. Pet sitting and walking services can also be arranged. And, if that’s not enough, there’s a big lineup of other services waiting for you!

Dog sitting in front of dog sitting car - Dog friendly hotel

Langham Hotel in Sydney - Dog friendly hotel
Image: Concrete PlaygroundLangham Hotels

2. Pier One

Feel refreshingly removed from the bustling city life without going far from home!

With their rooms that have direct access to the Sydney Harbour at Walsh Bay, Pier one became one of the top-rated dog-friendly hotels in Sydney. All of their staff are certified dog lovers, so be prepared— or your dog to get treated like a celebrity!

Before you get blinded by the passionate welcome, make sure you avail of their Puppy Package which your dog can get a welcome amenity and a whole bunch of exclusive stuff they’ll love. You can also visit their dog minibar or devour their yummy in-room dining menu. 

Take time to leisurely stay here and enjoy the Sydney sunshine!

dog friendly pior one hotel
view from dog friendly hotel - pior one

Image: Urban ListPier One

3. The Hughenden Hotel

A vintage enthusiast? This one’s for you!

Take your fur baby on a modest trip down memory lane. To the Victorian era, perhaps. 

Nestled on the elegant street of Queen, Woollhara, Hughenden Boutique Hotel, originally built in the 1870s, is famous for its picturesque interior, marble furnaces, exquisite high ceilings, and antique furniture. It was actually a family manor and a dance hall before a huge refurbishment. 

Your dogs can experience the luxurious vintage lifestyle in their Queen rooms with a heap space of private courtyard and veranda. Centennial Park is also just across it, so there are many running and walking opportunities!

 The Hughenden Hotel - Pet Friendly hotel

The Hughenden Hotel - Pet Friendly Hotel

Image: Concrete PlaygroundThe Hughenden Hotel

4. Intercontinental Double Bay

Luxury stay in the heart of Sydney? Look no further!

Tucked away in the Easter suburb of Double Bay, Intercontinental screams serious splendour escape. This five-star hotel is yet another dog-friendly hotel in Sydney where your pup will be living like royalty with their Pet Stay Packages. 

Aside from the rooftop pool with an overlooking view of the city, they also have an overwhelming in-room gourmet menu you can feast on with your fur baby from the richness of Angus beef to salivating steamed salmon served with healthy side dishes. 

This place bears absolute taste in every meaning of the word!

Intercontinental Double Bay - Dog Friendly, Pet friendly hotel

Intercontinental Double Bay - Dog Friendly, Pet friendly hotel

Image: TravelnuityIntercontinental

5. Larmont Sydney

Head east and you’ll see!

Walking distance away from the best shopping boutiques, cafes, bars, and restaurants, Larmont Sydney by Lancemore located in Potts points is a haven for guests who want more than just a hotel room but to experience the soul of Sydney. 

You can rest assured that your pup is well catered for with their pet packages which include awelcome gift, dog treats, and other one-of-a-kind services. There are also four courtyard rooms where they can freely roam around. 

Before we forget, don’t miss their mystery picnic packages and a whole lot more!

Larmont Sydney - Dog Friendly, Pet friendly hotel

Larmont Sydney - Dog Friendly, Pet friendly hotel

Image: Concrete PlaygroundMichelin Guide

6. Crystalbrook Albion

You can’t skip out on a Surry Hills gem!

From a former convent to a deluxe boutique hotel, Crystalbrook Albion exhibits a local experience reimagined for modern guests and travellers. You can hit on their 24/7 bar system or head to their secluded mini rooftop anytime. 

For your furry friends, they offer a puppy staycation package that includes doggie treats, toys, personalised collars and leads, and even a personal butler. Their urban rooms are PURfectly designed to suit your dogs’ playful nature. 

Reckon you might need alone time? You can leave them at the hands of Dogs @ Play in the area. 

Crystalbrook Albion Dog friendly Pet Friendly hotel

Crystalbrook Albion Dog friendly Pet Friendly hotel
Image: Urban ListCrystalbrook Collection

Check out more dog-friendly locations below!

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