Top 5 Dog-Friendly Parks in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Alice Newen | 17 October, 2023

            Top 5 Dog-Friendly Parks in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

You may have known Sydney's Northern Beaches for its breathtaking coastal beauty, relaxed beachside lifestyle, and vibrant community. But did you know this sunkissed suburb is also home to Sydney's best pet-friendly parks? 

Beaches with parks? That’s right! Northern Beaches truly have the best of both worlds with its 29 off-leash areas just neighbouring majestic coastlines. If you still can’t believe it, here’s a list of the best dog parks in Sydney Northern Beaches for you and your fur baby to explore!

1. Rowland Reserve

Can’t decide whether to go for a swim or a walk? Why choose when you can do both in Rowland Reserve?

Rowland Reserve, located on Pittwater Road, Bayview, is a standout destination for dog owners seeking the perfect blend of park and beach experiences. It's widely regarded as one of the best dog-friendly parks in the region, offering a unique and versatile setting for both pets and their owners.

Its off-leash areas, including the adjacent tidal sand flats, are also available all day, every day! With this, your pup can surely have the time of his life in water and land. Just don’t forget to bring pet essentials and remember beach safety tips for a safe and fun waterpark adventure.

Rowland Reserve

Rowland Reserve

Image: Northern Beaches Council

2. Sandy Bay

Salty breeze and relaxation under the shade of trees!

What sets Sandy Bay apart is its dual appeal. It seamlessly combines a spacious park area with direct beach access. This means that dogs can roam and play in a secure park setting and then easily transition to frolicking on the sandy shores and taking refreshing dips in the water.

Moreover, its off-leash areas, from the sand flats to a large portion of the lawn, are accessible 24/7, making it possible for you to schedule dog walking anytime!

Sandy Bay also offers a dog waste bag dispenser to encourage fur parents to be responsible for their dogs’ waste and keep the park clean. But to be sure, you can still stash poop bags in your MAMA dog bag.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay

Image: Northern Beaches Council

3. Manly Lagoon Reserve (Lagoon Pak)

Wanting to escape from the bustling city? Be in tune with nature with Manly’s Lagoon!

Manly Lagoon Park in Queenscliff features a designated 24-hour off-leash area where dogs can run and play freely, making it a safe and enjoyable environment for pets and their owners.

Plus, the park is adjacent to Manly Lagoon, allowing dogs to splash around in the water and cool off during the hot summer days. Many dogs love taking a dip, and this park will enable them to do so in a picturesque natural setting.

But don’t forget to remove your dog’s harness before he plunges into the water, as constant contact with water can lead to chafing, skin irritation, and even matting under the harness. 

Manly Lagoon Reserve

Image: The Daily Telegraph

Manly Lagoon Reserve

Image: Pittwater Online News

4. Narrabeen Lagoon State Park

Explore wildlife and ecosystems you've never seen in Narrabeen!

Narrabeen Lagoon stands as one of the most significant natural treasures of the Northern Beaches, providing a sanctuary for a diverse range of wildlife. That said, you can walk your dog on the trail, but they have to be on a leash, and you have to pick up their dirt with poop bags as part of the council's wildlife conservation efforts.

But if your dog wants to go off-leash, Narrabeen Lagoon's 8.4 km trail also leads to other dog-friendly parks with off-leash areas, such as Jamieson Park and Berry Reserve. And as you walk, remember to protect your dogs from hot pavement.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your MAMA dog bag with water and treats, and get your pup ready for nature hikes and camping!

Narrabeen Lagoon State Park

Narrabeen Lagoon State Park

Image: AllTrails

5. Curl Curl Lagoon Reserve

Witness your dog’s happy twirl in Curl Curl!

Curl Curl Lagoon boasts a diverse and storied past, having undergone remarkable changes. It was originally a thriving wetland, but during the 1950s, it was used as a landfill site. 

After substantial restoration efforts, the council has transformed it into a valuable recreational and ecological resource that both people and animals enjoy. Today, Curl Curl has water with good clarity and health rating and is adjacent to grassy Adam St Reserve and Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve, where dogs can go off-leash all the time!

Curl Curl Lagoon Reserve

Curl Curl Lagoon Reserve

Image: Northern Beaches Council


Whether it's a stroll, an exciting game of fetch, or simply lounging in the sun, these parks have it all!  So, don't hesitate to leash up, head out to these wonderful spots, and bask in the glorious sunshine while creating lasting memories. It's a chance for your dog to socialise, play, and explore, all while you soak up the natural beauty of the Northern Beaches. 

And even amidst all the fun, remember to bring your MAMA dog bagand pet essentials to ensure a safe park adventure!

Check out more dog-friendly locations below!

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